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What is the Facebook Marketplace and how is it used?

Selling used products has never been easier thanks to websites like Craigslist that allow you to sell products you previously loved online. However, the ability to buy and sell items from your Facebook account through Marketplace brings more convenience.

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Here is the platform and how to use it.

What is the Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook Marketplace is a section of classified ads on the Facebook platform. It was originally launched in 2007 and included categories such as employment opportunities, products for sale, and rental or sales apartments. It didn’t get a grip at the time, so Facebook renewed and launched it in October 2016, and it’s been present ever since.

You can send notifications to sell everything from used clothes to previously beloved books. In addition, you can search for items you want to buy. Often Facebook Marketplace products have been used in the past, but sometimes you are lucky and you can buy brand new products.

You will receive notifications immediately if you are in contact with the seller or buyer. So you can explore social media when you sell or buy goods.

While websites like Craigslist are also a great way to sell used items, the Facebook Marketplace is much easier because you don’t have to set up and maintain a new account. Everything you need to start buying and selling is right at your fingertips.

Where can you find the Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook Marketplace is easily accessible with both the Facebook browser version and the Facebook app.

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To open the Facebook Marketplace on your phone:

  1. Open your Facebook app

  2. choose three horizontal lines is in the bottom right corner on the screen.

  3. choose Market town tab.

To search for items, select magnifying glass is in the upper right corner and entering the name of the item.

Facebook Marketplace on your computer

To open the Facebook Marketplace on your computer, select Facebook Marketplace tab in the left sidebar in your Facebook news feed. This is the same sidebar where you can find friends, pages, groups, and other shortcuts.

In Marketplace, you can buy products or create an ad. With the added benefit of receiving notifications of Facebook sales, this process is quick and easy.

In the Facebook Marketplace, you can even sell or buy big items like a couch.

Purchase the product from the Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace product for sale

You can buy the product from the Facebook marketplace by sending a message to the seller and negotiating the price or accepting the price as is.

Marketplace displays search results for your geographic area. However, if you are willing to travel to buy goods, you can look for products to buy outside of your hometown.

Search filters let you adjust the proximity of notifications to your current location. This will allow you to decide exactly how far you are willing to travel for the product.

You can search for an item in the Facebook Marketplace on your computer by typing the name of the item you’re looking for in the search bar.

On the item page, you can use Messenger to contact the seller. To do this, select Messageor by selecting Send button as the default message setting.

When you meet a seller, be sure to bring the right amount of cash and meet in a safe place. If you want more information about buying goods online, check out the instructions in our article shop online safely.

How to create an ad on Facebook Marketplace

create an ad on the Facebook Marketplace

Now that you know how to open a Facebook Marketplace and buy a product, you can move on to selling the item if you want.

To sell a product on Facebook Marketplace:

  1. choose + Sell something button in the left sidebar.

  2. Select the type of product to sell (Product, Vehicle or Home).

  3. Fill in the required information in the fields and add a photo.

  4. choose Next.

  5. choose Publish to submit your ad.

Now that your ad has been published, you will be notified if someone sends you a private message of interest. When an item is really popular, you may receive multiple messages.

What products can you sell on the Facebook Marketplace?

trade window

Facebook Marketplace only allows the sale of certain products – namely those that comply with its products Trade policy. The trade policy also monitors stores on Facebook groups, business and personal pages, and Instagram Shopping purchases.

There are numerous products you can sell on the Facebook Marketplace. You can promote clothing, furniture, jewelry, art, homemade products, vehicles, homes or apartments (rent or buy), electronics, musical instruments, and antiques.

As long as your product complies with its policies, Facebook will allow you to sell it on the Marketplace.

Items you can’t sell on Facebook Marketplace include:

  • Services: You may not promote services such as hairdressing, massage, and cleaning on the Facebook Marketplace. However, you can create a personal or business page to sell your service as long as it is Facebook compliant Trade Agreement on Trade in Goods.

  • Non-items: Messages “searching” or “searching” are not allowed in Marketplace. You can try using Craigslist or post an update to your personal Facebook profile for this type of poll.

  • Pets: You are not allowed to sell animals on the Facebook Marketplace.

  • Healthcare: Medicines or first aid kits cannot be sold in the Marketplace.

  • Illegal products: Medicines, weapons or other illegal products may not be sold on the Facebook Marketplace.

If you’re not sure if you can sell a particular product on the Marketplace, check Facebook’s trading policy. If you are still unsure about selling a product, it is best to make a mistake with caution and not leave an ad. Facebook will suspend your use of the Marketplace if you post something that violates its policies.

There are many ways you can sell your products online. If you are interested in starting an online store, you can always read about it how to create an online store with Shopify.

The Facebook Marketplace is convenient for everyone

The Facebook Marketplace allows you to buy and sell goods securely online. It’s especially convenient for you to be able to browse social media and communicate with sellers and buyers.

This makes it an easy and quick sales exchange for both parties and makes the Facebook Marketplace an excellent alternative to online ratings.

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