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What is the GeForce experience? Key features and benefits explained

If you are a PC player with an Nvidia graphics card, there is a high chance of using either the Nvidia control panel or the Nvidia GeForce experience. Users often confuse the two programs and wonder what is the best tool for managing graphics settings.

The truth is, you can use both the Nvidia control panel and the GeForce Experience to manage and edit a variety of graphics settings, as well as update drivers and other performance improvements. But is the Nvidia GeForce Experience better than the Nvidia Control Panel?

This article explains what the GeForce Experience is and what it does, and we’ll explore if it’s better than the Nvidia control panel.

What is the GeForce experience?

In short, GeForce Experience is a software package for the Nvidia GPU.

nvidia geforce experience

The GeForce Experience includes a range of game-related performance and configuration needs, automatic driver updates for your GPU, Nvidia Shadowplay live streaming, integrated game filters (like Instagram filters, but for your PC games), and many more powerful options.

Nvidia’s GeForce experience has had a mixed reputation in the past. Some saw it as an unnecessary addition to a gaming computer. Others argue that it uses additional system resources. But in its latest iterations, GeForce Experience has become a versatile GPU management tool for Nvidia GPU owners.

GeForce Experience vs. Nvidia control panel

nvidia control panel

Hold on. Doesn’t Nvidia’s control panel have the same range of options as Nvidia’s GeForce Experience?

The fact that Nvidia installs two separate tools for configuring and managing GPU settings is a bit confusing. But they are different tools that offer users different GPU options.

Nvidia’s control panel mainly handles general GPU settings, but also includes settings for individual games.

For example, you can control the 3D settings of the Nvidia GPU throughout your system, force a specific screen resolution, adjust the desktop color screen, configure multiple monitors, and more. If you are using a laptop with an Nvidia GPU, you can use the Nvidia control panel to determine when to use the laptop’s internal graphics and when to switch to the GPU, which saves the laptop’s battery life.

Although Nvidia’s control panel focuses on general settings, you can also create custom settings for individual programs. These GPU settings override the general settings for that program. You can force the game to use a certain type of anisotropic filtering, force V-Sync to stay on, or set a power management mode for your GPU.

Forcing these 3D settings into a game or program can have unintended consequences. You will not destroy your computer or GPU, but games and programs may crash without warning.

What does the GeForce experience do?

So if the Nvidia GeForce Experience doesn’t control color displays or screen resolution, what does it do?

The Nvidia GeForce Experience package includes a variety of features, including:

  • Automatic game optimization
  • Record and create automated game highlights with Nvidia ShadowPlay
  • Run the game live from GeForce Experience on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube
  • Capture and filter screenshots
  • Update Nvidia GPU drivers automatically
  • Stream games to Nvidia Shield devices

Let’s take a closer look at these GeForce Experience features …

1. Automatic game optimization

Nvidia geforce is experiencing automatic game optimization

Modern PC games are graphic wonders. Some games try to bring photorealistic graphics to players by creating more depth and depth than ever before.

These amazing graphics come with an equally incredible array of in-game graphics options. It is often easy to use graphics switching, which allows you to set graphics to Low, Medium, High, Ultra, and so on. Most games automatically detect the specifications of your system device and try to provide the optimal level of graphics.

The Nvidia GeForce Experience further optimizes these graphics settings using Nvidia’s extensive cloud server center and countless other PC configurations. Nvidia game optimization supports hundreds of titles and can help fine-tune game performance.

Nvidia’s game optimization is set to manual. This means you need to check the optimization settings for each game. The game panel screenshot changes when you change the settings, so you can see the quality differences before starting the game.

However, you can switch to automatic optimization if you wish. Click your Nvidia username in the upper right corner, then go to Account> Gamesand select the check box Automatically optimize recently added games.

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2. Record and stream video with Nvidia ShadowPlay

nvidia geforce experience transmission options

Nvidia ShadowPlay is a video recording feature that allows you to record or stream a game. ShadowPlay has several recording and game capture options, including live streaming and streaming.

Note that Nvidia ShadowPlay is now known as Nvidia Share, like an overlay that is optimized for sharing content. However, Nvidia still refers to ShadowPlay in its official branding as well as in its GeForce Experience release notes. As such, this article continues to refer to Nvidia ShadowPlay.

Over the years, ShadowPlay technology has grown. Once the Nvidia GeForce Experience is open, you can save the game with ShadowPlay. Press ALT + F9 during the game, and ShadowPlay starts recording. You can record using low, medium, high, or custom settings. Recording continues until you press ALT + F9 again.

Adding to the standard recording option is Quick Play. Quick Play allows you to capture a short period of game time for a pre-determined period of time, from 15 seconds to 20 minutes. Press ALT + F10 during the game, and ShadowPlay captures the game for a certain amount of time.

The Quick Play option records with the same settings as normal recording. Also, when you turn on fast playback, it always records. However, the recording will only be saved if you press ALT + F10. Otherwise, it will reject the recording as segments according to your settings.

You can also use ShadowPlay live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. You can customize the quality of the live broadcast as well as download custom branded overlays before streaming. Press ALT + F8 to start streaming the game live with Nvidia ShadowPlay.

Another nice ShadowPlay feature for streamers is the customizable HUD (Heads-up Display). You can add a webcam input, recording status indicator, in-game FPS, viewership, and comment stream to your broadcast using Nvidia ShadowPlay overlay. You can place each option in one of the four corners of the screen by resizing certain settings.

3. Capture and filter screenshots with Nvidia Ansel

Capturing screenshots is not a crazy impressive feature. But the added power and functionality provided by Nvidia Ansel is worth mentioning.

Nvidia Ansel creates a special game camera that allows you to take screenshots from almost any location. You can then use Ansel’s various post-processing filters to adjust and format your screenshot. Ansel also lets you capture HDR images in 4K, take huge screenshots that exceed screen resolution, and even create 360-degree panoramic screenshots.

So while Nvidia Ansel is a screenshot tool, it offers a surprisingly powerful way to play game moments. You can see stunning Nvidia Ansel screenshot examples Shot with GeForce. Nvidia also runs screenshot contests on a regular basis, so be sure to check it out.

To use Nvidia Ansel in the game, press ALT + F2 when you want to take a screenshot. The Nvidia Ansel overlay opens and you can start customizing your screenshot.

Unfortunately, Nvidia Ansel does not work in all games. Nvidia maintains the list Ansel-supported games. care about Ansel from the drop-down menu and check the game. As you can see, there are a lot of games that have partial Ansel support.

4. Update Nvidia GPU drivers automatically

nvidia geforce experience upgrade drivers

Want to forget to update your GPU drivers forever? The Nvidia GeForce Experience takes care of that. By default, the GeForce Experience prompts you if a new GeForce Game Ready controller is available for your GPU.

Keeps the GPU controller up to date really. The new graphics cards bring significant performance improvements in many games – especially newer ones. It’s not uncommon to see graphics driver change logs with 20 percent improvements to certain new games on certain devices.

You can set GeForce Experience to download the driver update automatically (but still choose when to install). Click your Nvidia username in the upper right corner, then go to Account> General. Below Downloads, select the check box Automatically download driver updates and let me choose when to install.

Nvidia GPUs include individual game profiles. Nvidia game profiles can give you a little extra performance when Nvidia checks your GPU settings. It may not change your game, but achieving optimal performance for your device means a better overall experience.

In addition, for those with the latest Nvidia RTX GPU applications, drivers can implement massive performance improvements as well as new RTX-specific features.

5. Stream games to Nvidia shields using GameStream

The Nvidia GeForce Experience is a game streaming site for those with an Nvidia Shield Tablet or Nvidia Shield TV screen. Below is a detailed tutorial on how to connect GeForce Experience to an Nvidia Shield TV screen.

Nvidia Shield gives you up to 4kb streaming with HDR, built-in Google Assistant, and most importantly, access to your entire playlist on multiple devices.

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to see what fits the game settings.

What are the best features of the GeForce experience?

GeForce Experience is an excellent GPU management tool for Nvidia users. The best features of Nvidia GeForce Experience are integrated game recording and streaming options, in-game filters and other advanced tweaks.

However, many Nvidia users avoid the GeForce Experience. In the past, GeForce Experience had a bad reputation as bad, unnecessary software. However, this perception is now changing, so we recommend re-examining the GeForce Experience.

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