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What language is this? 5 Tools for identifying unknown languages

Have you met a language you can’t recognize? Even if you don’t speak multiple languages, it can be helpful to know what a language is just by looking at it.

Let’s take a look at some language search services to show you what language you’re looking for.

The language of Google Translate

You have probably used Google Translate before. But did you know that it has a “detect language” feature that allows you to work with unfamiliar languages?

To use it, copy the section in an unknown language and go to Google Translate. Paste the text in the box to the left. Above this you should see a Identify the language option. If this does not appear, click the drop-down arrow to display all supported languages ​​and select Identify the language.

In a moment Identify the language the text should change to [Language]recognized. This allows you to easily identify the language and see what the text says to launch.

Google Translate offers a lot of great features in its mobile applications

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also. There you can flip the handwriting or even use your camera to flip the text in front of you.

What language is this

This aptly named tool recognizes all languages ​​when appending or typing text into it. It doesn’t translate text, but it’s not a big deal if you just want to know what language the text is in.

Once you’ve typed the text, give it a second and you’ll see what language you have. If multiple languages ​​are similar, the tool suggests other languages. When this happens, you should try to attach a different sample from the source so you can make sure what language it is.

Translated laboratory identifier

Here is another simple tool to help you find out about unknown languages. Just type in the text and you’ll see its best guess right away. The service supports 102 languages, so it’s likely that what you’re looking for is here.

There is nothing wrong, except Choose a random language button if you want to challenge yourself to recognize the languages ​​alone.

Yandex Translate images

Want to spot the language in an image? The Yandex Translate image translation tool makes this easy. Just download the image from your computer or drag it to the page and the service will detect the language of the image.

Like Google Translate, auto-detection should be enabled by default. If not, click the language name in the upper left corner and check Automatic detection. The text then changes to indicate which language is in the image.

Select the language you want on the right if you want. You can then click on the text of the image to see it in your own language.

5. Language recognition games

You will find many tools to help you tell which language is almost similar to the one above. For something a little different, why not try a website that challenges you to recognize different languages? Not only is it enjoyable, but spending a little time with these languages ​​will help you recognize them in the future.

LingYourLanguage is a great site for this. It allows you to play alone or in multiplayer on four difficulty levels: Easy, regular, hardand Omniglot.

At each stage, you will hear the clip in a specific language and you will need to choose the correct answer from a few options. Once you have answered, click on the language and you will want to learn more about it if you wish. Your lives are only limited, so see how high you can score!

The game contains over 2,000 samples in 80 languages, so there’s plenty to discover.

LingYourLanguage game

Another such fun game is Language group. It offers both Audio and Alphabet challenges. Audio is much like LingYourLanguage, and offers four difficulty levels that include progressively more languages ​​to increase the challenge level.

Alphabet, as you expected, presents you with a sample text of the language and asks you to identify it from several options. choose Easy or hard mode depending on the number of languages ​​you want in the pool.

Language group Language

If you are interested in general language recognition, these will help you recognize certain characters and phrases more easily.

Learn the basics of a language to better identify them

We’ve looked at five ways to quickly identify what language you’re looking for. Want to identify an image or text on a website, it is not difficult with these resources.

If you want to take this step further, consider learning the basics of multiple languages. This will improve your knowledge of the languages ​​of the world and help you identify differences between languages ​​more easily. Look the best language learning apps

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to start.

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