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What was Vine? How to find and view old vines

When Twitter caught up with Vine Vine in January 2017, the question of what happened to all those six-second videos has caused confusion. Twitter released the wine collection archive shortly after its closure, but the wine archive will no longer be supported from 2019 onwards.

If you were as heartfelt as we were when Vine closed, you’re probably wondering how to find and view old vines. Fortunately, all hope is not lost because you can still watch your favorite wines online. You may have to do a little work to do so …

What was Vine?

See the Old Vines Vine website

In 2013, Twitter released Vine: a short-form video sharing platform. Each vine or video lasted only six seconds and was then repeated as a continuous loop. The brevity of the video meant that the user had to get extra creativity, which created amazing (and hilarious) content.

Despite Vine challenging tons of users and prospects, Vine just couldn’t compete with other big names on social media. More and more people started turning to Instagram and Snapchat to create funny videos. And features like Snapchat’s wide range of filters and lenses

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attracted tons of users.

So in 2017, Twitter killed Vinen. Extinguishing the wine left its sense of community abandoned because much of it was still active. As a sort of consolation, Vine instantly remained an active Wine Camera and also kept every vine in the Vine archive. Unfortunately, both the wine camera and the wine archive have since been discontinued.

In early 2020, the wine makers released the replacement Vinen. This forum, called Byte, allows users to create and share six-second videos. However, despite its relationship to Wine, old vines cannot be viewed by the syllable.

How to view old vines

So how do you look at old vines now? When you head Vine-related website, you will not see any Vine videos. Instead, you’ve met a depressing page that says goodbye to Vine and its users. However, there are other ways to find and view old vines.

While you can still use old vines, it’s not as easy as before. The following methods will teach you how to find old vines and rediscover your favorite vines as painlessly as possible.

1. Use a direct link to the Viner page

How to view old vines

Do you still remember your popular Viner username? If you do, you’re in luck – you can use his username to search for their videos in the Vine Archive.

To watch old Vine videos this way, enter the Vine URL followed by the Viner username in this format: vine.co/username. Just replace “username” with the specific username you’re looking for.

For example, I added the username “nickcolletti” to the end of the Vine URL: vine.co/nickcolletti/.

As you can see from the image above, you can then browse the user’s entire vine book. It still shows how many videos you got, swings and likes. Not only that, you can also see the date the vine was shipped and the original caption of the vine.

2. Find vine links on Twitter

See Old Vines Twitter links

If you come across a Vine link in an old Twitter post, you can still click on it. This link will take you to the video page in the wine archive.

You can find Vine links pretty quickly by going to your Twitter profile and clicking media tab. This tab gathers all the photos and videos that the Twitter user is sharing, including Vines. If you choose to be delete all old Tweets

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when everyone else did, you can also search for your own vines using this method.

Scroll down to user posts from 2016 (this may take a while) and look for any vines you submit. Just click on the bottom of the video with the vine.co link and you will be directed to the Vine Archive.

Here you can click on the username Viner in the title of the vine. This allows you to browse other Viner videos.

Viewing the Viner page may also help you find other usernames you don’t remember. Because Viners often appeared or tagged each other in Vines, you may find links to another Viner page.

3. Watch the vines on YouTube

Watch old vines on YouTube

YouTube has become a lifesaver while watching old vines. Quite a few users have taken the time to save and translate old Vine videos.

You can start your search by typing “best vine” or “vine collection” in the YouTube search bar. Using these keywords (or something similar) will yield hundreds of results that include the most popular vines.

These vines may not be repeated in the loop, but it is still a workable way to find and watch old videos. In addition, YouTubers, which compiles these Vine collections, often includes Viners user IDs. This will give you another way to find the usernames of the forgotten Viners.

4. Use the Wayback

Watch the old wine videos on the Wayback Machine

If you want to live the whole Vine experience, you can use it reverse machine Internet archive. This tool allows you to go back in time by visiting websites that no longer exist, or to see the forms of previously existing sites.

When you type “vine.co” into the Wayback Machine search bar, it shows Vine’s entire timeline from 2012 to the present. The Vine desktop browser version was introduced in June 2014, so you’ll need to narrow down your search from June 2014 to Vine’s closing date in January 2017.

When viewing a snapshot calendar on Wayback Machine, you can click on a set of dates and times. Each date and time looks exactly what Vine looked like at that very moment. It may take several attempts to find a working version of an old site, but it’s worth it.

When you find a snapshot that really works, you’ll see what’s on the Vine home page for that time period. All videos are fully playable and you can even use the search function.

How to find and view old vines in 2020

When you think about how to see old vines, Twitter doesn’t make it easy. Which means you have to dig to find forgotten usernames and old links. Despite the footwork you may have to put in to find old vines and vines, it’s worth doing.

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