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Where to find beautiful presentation templates: 7 best sites

The presentation is easy to put together without slides. However, if you want that presentation to sound good or look good, you need to approach it carefully. Fortunately, beautiful presentation designs can relieve pressure, especially if you’re not a designer.

If you need a slideshow to nail your next office appointment or get a Class A, these seven “on-the-go” sample sites can help.

Pretty Powerpoint templates Microsoft Office

Some of the research in the International Journal of Innovation and Learning, compiled Ars Technica, has shown that slides may disturb your audience.

Other studies have found the opposite. For example, the magazine’s 2014 survey Procedia – Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences, found that students taught through a slide show learn to understand students better than other methods.

Last research in mind: If you work in education and are an experienced PowerPoint user, Microsoft Office PowerPoint templates should be the first stop on your list.

This well-organized item divides these beautiful PowerPoint presentation templates into numerous categories, from presentations to personal photo albums. As such, it is quite easy to find a beautiful model that fits your needs. The model above is Microsoft Badge Model, and you can download it by clicking the link.

entry: Microsoft templates can be downloaded for free after ordering Microsoft Office 365. Orders start at $ 69.99 per year or $ 6.99 per month.

Pretty PowerPoint templates Behance

The benefits of a slideshow extend far beyond the classroom. You can use slides to convey information to your colleagues or as a multimedia tool to explain your product at an industrial event.

As a presentation site for working ads, Behance offers an attractive and highly artistic collection of diamonds. Some titles have useful keywords like “company presentation” or “infographics”.

A few facts to keep in mind:

  • Not all of these templates can be downloaded, but some work with PowerPoint and Keynote.
  • User reviews and filters such as “Top Rated” help you find the most popular model options at a glance. It is also possible to see individual slideshows of a presentation in the template before downloading it.

The name of the model above is “Duotone, ”Available for PowerPoint.

entry: Behance templates are available for free or at different prices depending on the design and the author’s preferences.

Google Slides Carnival website

Slides Carnival is a free PowerPoint and Google Slides template and is a great option for low budget projects.

Whether you want to work with an inspiring or playful theme, you can use the categories in the menus at the top to sort. You can also browse the latest themes on the homepage of your site.

Also, if you’re still not sure that designs can help you make a big impact, the site also has a section presentation design tips explain why the models work well, and advice to interest the audience.

The name of the template above is “Kent. “


The Slide Model website on the website promises to save hours. Comes with over 20,000 PowerPoint templates, allowing you to grab ready-made presentations for awkward last-minute situations.

Start by narrowing down your search category by clicking dedicated links for new or existing options. View categories made for specific presentations, such as business, strategy, and marketing.

Although this is a subscription-based site, Slide Model offers a weekly free offer in return for your email address. The idea is that by downloading the template you can be more confident that you will become a Full Time Subscriber.

You can also download “Green Duotone gradient“A template that is ordered for the site. Subscription plans range from $ 24.90 for a one-day license to $ 199.90 for the full year.

Also, if you want a PowerPoint presentation but can’t book a subscription, you can check this list free PowerPoint options for your presentation needs

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Free Google Slides templates

FGST (Free Google Slides Templates) is a great place to go when you need free Google Slides or Google Docs presentation templates.

You can get all these stylish and royalty-free designs for personal or commercial use as long as you follow Terms of Service. So bookmark this site and trust it when time is short and deadlines are waiting.

In addition, there are also some handy links FGST’s blog which lead to help pages for both Google Docs and Google Slides. This can be useful if you are not used to creating a presentation in Google Slides or if you are rusty.

The name of the template above is “Business plan. ” All Google Slide templates are available for free.

Ginva downloadable Google Slides templates

Ginva is a website with a handy list of over 40 Google Slides themes. The collection is quite diverse given its relatively small number of options.

For example:

  • There are templates that you can use to make organization charts to discuss your current or future business structure.
  • There’s an arrow chart model that directs attention to specific parts of the text, and even a model made for start-ups.
  • Ginva also includes numerous other categories such as WordPress themes and desktop wallpapers, all of which are worth checking out.

For example, you can download the orange presentation template mentioned above, which can be accessed through the Ginva list. Other themes are free or paid by model.

Canva Keynote presentation template

Canva has been a mega player in the world of online templates for a few years now, and its Presentations section offers you one of the best ways to find beautiful slide show templates for any occasion.

Access to these performances requires that you have a free account with Canva. Even outside, when you need an account for presentations, we recommend getting one altogether. The account can be used to use templates for many other purposes.

If you are still not convinced, you should still be able to browse the general Canva models partition without account.

Please note:

  • Most of Canva’s presentation templates are free, but all content is accessible only pro-ordering clearly marked as such.
  • When you log in to your account, you may see a link to the Presentations section. You can also search for presentation templates, which you can also change using the search bar.

Once you’ve found the Presentations section, you’ll see the Canvan “workspace,” where you can edit your template as well as the template options grouped on the left side of the screen, grouped into categories. You can access the template by clicking on it. Canva uploads the model to the workspace.

The model above is called Main presentation of simple techniques in white and yellow, and can be accessed by logging in to Canva or creating an account.

If you want to know more, read our guide how to create the perfect professional presentation for Canvalle

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Make an impact with a great PowerPoint template

All of the sites highlighted above have templates to help you impress colleagues, professors, or students. You will also love the wide range of designs that are also suitable for casual performances. After all, these patterns can prove so useful that you’ll wonder why you didn’t look for them before.

If you want to explore other ways to create a star show, check out these online tools to provide a presentation from anywhere

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Pixels: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

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