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Where to watch HD music videos: Top 5 sites

Music videos are incredibly popular online. Many of the most watched videos on the web are official music videos. The only other videos that can compete with music for online eyeballs are movie trailers and viral ad campaigns.

There is a problem finding these videos, especially if you want to watch HD music videos. And who wouldn’t want to see Lady Gaga strut her stuff in high definition? Or watch as Beyonce smashes windows in high definition with a baseball bat?

To help you find and watch the latest HD music videos online, we’ve compiled a list of the best websites that do just that.

YouTube Music Favorites

YouTube is, of course, the father of online video. YouTube, owned by Google and everyone else in the industry, is the first item most people check when searching for all kinds of videos.

When you browse the cracked waters where cats are full of fun things, you will find a site full of different sections, one of which, appropriately called YouTube music channel, is entirely dedicated to music.

Here you can browse countless music videos to watch. You can also create a more personalized recommendation for music videos by signing in YouTube Music Streaming Service.

Most of the official YouTube music videos are available in high definition. But it will probably not be used by default unless you are logged in to the site and have changed settings.

Clicking Settings> Playback settings and then selecting “Play HD every time you switch to full screen (when available)” lets you make sure you get the HD experience (at least in full screen mode).

If you prefer not to sign in to YouTube, or choose settings based on video, just click settings button below the video and select “720p HD” or more.

Vimeo HD channel

Vimeo is an online video site with a strong and dedicated community. It’s like a smaller, indie version of YouTube. It has embraced HD video and also provides a platform for content producers to showcase their work. This includes music artists, many of whom share their HD music videos on the site.

HD music video channel Vimeo has what is said on tin. Which means it includes an updated selection of the best HD music videos. These are the cream of high-definition music videos; ones that only deserve HD viewing.

There’s also a “Shout Box” with regularly added comments, many of which have links to HD music videos that are often hidden gems.

imvdb videos

The Internet Music Video Database (IMVDb) is an online host for music videos only. There are hardly any sites dedicated to music videos alone (or they have become YouTube channels), so IMVDb is a truly unique website. If you forget Vevo before its intense transition to the YouTube channel, IMVDb will scratch the nostalgia itch.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to avoid YouTube holding music videos. All IMVDb videos are still sourced from YouTube, so you can use the same settings to ensure HD playback. However, IMVDb offers unique sides: a passion for focusing on music videos.

IMVDb provides some typical up-to-date music features, like other sites. You will see brand new releases and the most popular new music videos right away. However, it also loves reviewing previous music videos and sharing stats.

You’ll see the best playlist a long time ago, and IMVDb provides statistics on the most popular music videos and most popular music videos of all time. In addition, IMVDb’s database data shows the huge number of music videos, artists and credits maintained on the site. If you want more, IMVDb also offers comments and random video options.

MTV UK music videos

Unlike its American counterpart, MTV UK still hosts music videos online. Although MTV originally focused on music videos, the network has increasingly deviated from them in favor of reality TV.

Fortunately, blocking areas doesn’t happen in these videos. So you don’t have to figure it out how to view regionally blocked media

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, and instead enjoy music videos right away. With this in mind, MTV UK is also showing more love for music videos in addition to just hosting videos with its own video player.

You have the latest music videos, but you’ll also see the likes of last year’s top singles, exclusive music video comments, lyrics videos, and music videos.

In addition, MTV UK also includes a unique page music video playlists. You can then watch all the videos of the week by touring MTV Music, Club MTV, MTV Hits, MTV Base, MTV Rocks and MTV OMG.

daily motion-video-music examples

When looking at potential YouTube competitors, Dailymotion strives to be at the forefront. However, I don’t think the French video and social site keeps in mind as many music videos as YouTube. However, the huge database of videos has many popular music videos on the site.

Also, if you are looking for international music, Dailymotion offers many to choose from.

While Dailymotion boasts some music video channels, you can get better results by searching for official music videos directly through its search feature. When you find the video you want to watch, click settings menu in the upper right corner of the video. Then click Quality to adjust playback in high definition.

If you’re looking for more options for YouTube and Vevo, like Dailymotion and MTV, check out how to watch music videos with Apple Music

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A brief history of music videos

The music videos are an independent work of art, and the best artists and directors work together to create short genius lines. Just watch videos like “This Is America” written by Childish Gambino or literally any OK Go.

This article offers you the best websites to watch HD music videos. However, if you’re more interested in the artwork itself, check it out a brief history of music videos

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. Which takes us from 1967 to the present day.

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