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You can now create your own Facebook Avatar

Facebook has opened avatars in the United States. This feature has been available in the rest of the world for several months now, but if you are American, you can now also create your own Facebook Avatar ID. And in this short article, we’ll explain how to do just that.

What are Facebook avatars?

Avatars are graphical representations of users and an alternative to real-life photography. Avatars have been a thing for as long as the Internet has existed, and people have chosen the image they want to represent themselves online.

Facebook avatars are the latest example of this madness. And they’re basically a cartoon version of yourself that you can use on Facebook. Once you’ve created a Facebook Avatar, you can comment on posts with one of the many Avatar stickers.

How to Make a Facebook Avatar

To create your own Facebook avatar, just do the following:

  1. Open the Facebook app on Android or iOS.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll to and tap “See more”.
  4. Tap avatars (if you don’t see it, you haven’t been granted access yet).
  5. Tap “Next” and then “Start”.
  6. Tap each section in turn to create an avatar.
  7. You can click back on any part at any time.
  8. When you are satisfied with your selections, tap the check mark in the upper right corner.
  9. Tap “Next” and then “Done”.
  10. Tap the arrow in the upper right corner to turn off your Facebook Avatar.

You can use your Facebook Avatar profile as a profile picture, share it in your feed, or use it to comment on other people’s posts. Tap the emoticon face next to the GIF icon and then the avatar icon. You can then choose the perfect avatar sticker.

You can edit your Facebook avatar at any time by tapping the Avatars section of the menu. This time, Facebook is uploading your current avatar, so click the pencil icon to edit your avatar. You can also delete your avatar by clicking the trash can icon.

Facebook avatars are new bits

Facebook avatars are not exactly the original idea. People made Yahoo avatars more than a decade ago, and there’s Snap’s Bitmoji. So once you’ve made your own Facebook Avatar, you should learn all about it Bitmoji and how to make your own

What is Bitmoji and how can you make your own?
Bitmay makes it easy and free to create a personal cartoon of yourself on social media.
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