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You can now store over 10,000 songs on Spotify

Since launching, Spotify has set a strict limit on the number of songs in your library. That number was 10,000, and if you tried to add more than 10,000 copies to your Spotify library, you’ll be told your room is out.

However, Spotify has removed the 10,000-song limit in your library. Which means you can store as many songs as you want. Unfortunately, Spotify has kept some other restrictions in place, which can lead to frustration in other ways.

Spotify raises the limit to 10,000 songs

Spotify offers over 50 million copies. Which is more than most of its users ever listen to. However, despite the impressive size of its library, Spotify has always limited the number of songs it can store to 10,000.

While this may sound like many songs, the longer you use Spotify, the more likely you are to achieve it. Every thousand users complained about the restriction Spotify community and already Spotify kept the boundary in place.

Now, however, Spotify has announced that it will remove the 10,000 copy limit. In community blog post, the music streaming service revealed that it offers an “unlimited library experience”. Which means you can now store as many songs as you want in your library.

This affects songs and albums, so you can now keep / save as many as you want. However, the limit of 10,000 songs applies to offline downloads and playlists. So you still can’t turn your entire library into a playlist or download every song to your phone.

Using Spotify is less frustrating

If you still see a message titled: “Epic collection my friend. There is no more space in your library. If you want to save more, you’ll have to delete some songs or albums, “don’t worry. Spotify will drive the change gradually, so it may take some time to reach everyone.

Most users don’t even notice this change because they never reached the 10,000 song limit. For those who reached the limit years ago, it will put an end to the significant frustration of the app. And they can now record or keep any songs and / or albums they previously had to discard.

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