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You can now vote for Doodle in the Google 2020 contest

A few months ago, Google asked for comments on the annual K-12 competition to create Doodle, which will appear on the search engine’s home page in 2020. Now the company has processed all the proposals and opened Doodle for the Google 2020 poll.

Although it is too late to write your own drawings for the competition, you can still participate by voting for the national finalists.

Doodle for Google 2020

Every year, the Doodle for Google competition is one of the finest ways young artists can get their work across the Internet. Google applies the theme to every competition, and by 2020, the company has chosen friendliness.

Google originally approved Doodles submission until March 20th. From there, the company grouped the proposals into five category groups: K-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 10-12.

Google Doodle 2020

When the company accepted the proposals, it selected 54 state and regional winners. Now, with the help of Google users, the company is downsizing to five national finalists. One of them will be the winner of the Doodle for Google 2020 competition.

Google has on the page you can visit to vote. It also provides some additional information on what to expect from the competition:

Congratulations to the winner of 54 states and regions who shared special ways to show kindness to their families, schools and communities.

Vote for your favorite Doodles and determine who will advance to one of our five national finalists, one of whom will become the national winner.

It’s a doodle party!

Everyone loves the Google logo. Outside of the annual competition, Google has all sorts of fun logos that appear all the time. It makes a visit to a popular search engine an exciting surprise every day.

Not only are there real works of art, but there are also some amazing ones Google Doodle games you can play

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. Some of these have been really impressive!

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