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You can now watch video podcasts on Spotify

Spotify now supports both video podcasts and audio podcasts. This means podcasters can record video alongside audio and play it directly in Spotify. And Spotify listeners, both free and paid, can watch video podcasts from Spotify.

How to watch video podcasts on Spotify

As the message presents disk, Spotify begins distributing its video podcast feature. Video podcasts are available to listeners in any market where podcasts are already supported. However, only a handful of podcasters offer video at startup.

Everyone in a country where Spotify supports podcasts should be able to watch video podcasts. Starting with the embedded sections below on higher education with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay. Just open Spotify on your desktop or mobile app and click to be afraid.

Video and audio should start playing at the same time and stay in sync at all times. If you switch to another app or lock your mobile device, audio will continue to play in the background. You can still only download audio from podcasts to listen on the go without worrying about the video.

In addition to this tertiary learning episode, other video components include podcasts Book Basketball 2.0, fantasy Football players, Misfits Podcast, H3 Podcast, Morning toastand Rooster teeth podcast. And more will be added when Spotify enables this feature.

Signing Joe Rogan’s forced Spotify hand

Spotify has been testing video podcasts since May 2020. The streaming service has logged podcasts and podcast networks to the left, right, and center, and some of them are already producing video content. So supporting video podcasts was the obvious next step.

Joe Rogan’s signing in May meant Spotify had to act quickly. After all, the company spent millions of dollars securing Rogan’s services, and his video podcast (currently streaming on YouTube) is a big reason why Spotify signed the self-styled king of podcasts.

How to find new podcasts to listen to

Watching a video podcast on Spotify isn’t perfect right now, but the streaming service has made it clear that it plans to improve functionality in the future. Does anyone actually look at them.

If you want to find more podcasts you can listen to (video or otherwise), here how to find new podcasts using Spotify podcast playlists

Discover new podcasts with Spotify’s Podcast playlists
Spotify has released a series of podcast playlists designed to help you find new podcasts.
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